July 28, 2022

Why do we care about resources?

If you’ve been poking around our site you’ve seen that 3 Reasons Design is selling graphics and website development as well as website care services. So if you then landed on our resources page you may have felt a touch confused. What are we doing making lists of progressive and inclusive websites and materials? Does this have anything to do with selling web development services?

The short answer is, yes.

The long answer is, hell yes!

The really long answer is at the root of the decision to start our business. We have spent the last couple decades living in the buckle of the Bible belt, where finding Christians that are not of a very specific evangelical theology can feel rare. Finding enough in one place to form a congregation is unlikely outside large cities. And walking into a local Christian bookstore and picking up progressive theological resources for worship… Well, if you do find some, pics or it didn’t happen.

The struggle to find quality materials and services without combing through things clearly meant for churches with mainstream evangelical leanings is one many reading this article also understand. So when we decided to focus 3 Reasons Design on helping churches and organizations that occupy this theological and ideological space, we wanted to help in this way too. It is our hope, my hope, that even if you never use a single paid service we offer, that you will find value in what is here on the resources page. And that, if you do, you will add your go-to websites and resources to the list so that others can also benefit.

The next era of the church won’t look like the church of twenty or thirty years ago, and it won’t fit the boxes the Christian music and publication industry use today. (And for that we are exceedingly grateful.) So welcome to this exercise in worship off-roading style; let’s have an adventure!