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A half bubble off-center

A few fries short of a happy meal

People who choose to work in the not-for-profit world frequently get looked at as if they are not quite right. Choosing work that is designed to have no profit beyond keeping the work going is coloring so far outside the lines of societal expectations that it appears to the casual observer to be just scribbling. But we know something you can’t see with a quick glance. We know if you zoom out all of us scribblers are actually creating a beautiful mural. We know that coloring outside those lines is where the joy and goodness of people is best experienced.

After more than two decades of working in and with churches in the arenas of communication, technology, and the arts, our team has logged countless hours researching and developing the tools needed for outside the lines creation. Many times that has meant first creating or modifying the available platforms to then communicate the message of our community. It was somewhere in one of the times we were starting from scratch on a website, again, that we started to think there should be a different way of doing things.

There are numerous companies that offer web development and hosting services. Unfortunately, most of these also lock churches and businesses into the site or hosting setup in such a way that if the organization decides to leave the vendor, they leave with nothing.

Yes, if we build your website we will strongly suggest you use us for hosting so we can better control the server environment to ensure the website works at its peak. However, if you have us build your site or are using our hosting and decide to go elsewhere, that’s fine too. You can take your site with you to another host. You don’t lose anything because your site, is yours. Coloring outside the lines, just one of the reasons 3 Reasons Design is different from other services.

Illustration of two co-workers talking about a design.